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The “Special Resources” section contains links to e-books which Roxann and I have found helpful in discovering how to provide the best possible care for our PETS and strengthen and enjoy our continually developing relationship.  I hope you will find some of the material helpful as you try to learn everything possible about health, nutrition, exercise, agility, and training methods so you and your pet can experience a long and rewarding relationship for many years to come. 


“Old dogs and dog owners can learn new tricks.”  


Roxann and I nor Miller’s Boarding Kennel endorse any of these products.  We provide these links to help you find Materials which may help you in caring for and relating to your pet.  Look around and hopefully you will find something of interest or which may provide you with information on a subject area which interests you. Every Pet Owner seeks knowledge which will help them help their valued family member and the relationship they share.

Have fun checking out these materials and Hopefully you will find something helpful.


















































Stop Back Often as we update the list routinely


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Keep your relationship with your pet fresh & new. Learn something new about your pet or that you can do with your pet everyday. YOU & Your pet deserve it!!!

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Train Your Dog Without Touching 

How I Trained My Dog in One Evening 

Dog Training Home Study Course

Secrets to Dog Training

Dr Dogs Fast, Easy, Fun Behavior Solutions

Dove Cresswell’s Dog Training Online

Do It Yourself—Complete Dog Training Program

Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer 




Ragdoll Cat Secrets—Pet Owners Guide

18 Ways to Stop Cat Urine Odor                 

Pee Away: Pet Urine Neutralizer, Cat & Dogs Urination Deterrent



Cat Health Secrets



Purrfectly Trained Cats

Train Your Cat To Use the Human Toilet

No More Bad Cats 

Solutions to Cat Behavior Problems