How It All Started

     Roxann Miller has loved animals since birth.  Her unique ability to relate to dogs and cats began as a child growing up on the family farm.  Her love was translated into owning Show Boxers, Show Dobermans and Ragdoll cats as an adult.  In 1994, while working at an Animal Hospital, the dream of owning a small Boarding Kennel operated by herself was born.  She wanted a kennel small enough that she herself could give individual care and personally relate to each animal boarded.  In August of 1998 the dream became a reality as she opened Miller’s Boarding Kennel.

Having boarded her own pets, Roxann is committed to running an “Open Kennel”.  This simply means that an owner  should always insist-on and be-able to see the actual area where your pet will live while visiting any Kennel.

An “Open Kennel” Policy

The Comforts of Home


·          Air-conditioned in summer

·          Heated floors in winter

·          Indoor/Outdoor Runs all under roof

·          Lots pf Personal Attention

Your Pets are members of your family and live with you in your home.  They deserve the same physical comforts while away from home that they enjoy when at home.

Each cat or dog has individual needs that need to be met to be comfortable while away from the people they have come to love and trust.  Roxann is committed to try to identify and meet those needs through a pleasant, safe environment and individualized personal care.  This includes special attention, play time, and the use of a variety of techniques which help your special friend enjoy the experience at Miller’s Boarding Kennel as much as possible.

Pleasant Surroundings

& Individualized Personal Care

While we know there is no place like home

for your pets;

we work to have your special friends remember

Miller’s Boarding Kennel


“the next best place to being home”


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