I hope you are enjoying the spring & summer months.  We thank you all for the busy fall & Holiday season.  It is not long and we will experience the beauty and activities of the summer seasons.  Please remember that the kennel fills up on the weekends and especially over the Holidays. 

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Better Relationship With our Pets

Every dog wants to please it’s master.  Sometimes we need to learn how to communicate with our pet to afford them the best possibility of fulfilling their need to please us.  Too often when things are not going well we assume that the dog is not smart enough to figure out what we want.  All too often, however,  we are not smart enough to recognize that it is we who do not know how to communicate with our dogs.  Sometimes all we need to greatly improve this relationship is to have someone help us understand how the dog relates to us and teach us some new ways of communicating our expectations to our special friends.  Check out the “Special Resources” section of the following page. Sometime it is not what our pets don’t know but rather what we as pet owners don’t know.

Check it out - here are several people who may be able to help you implement some of the new things you are learning:

“Paws-itively Obedient Dog Training School” is run by Valli Rovenolt and has many classes of all levels to help you communicate and develop that special relationship with your dog. 

Call 649-6385 and ask for Valli.

Mr. Frederick Koons has been doing obedience training with dogs for a long time now.  If you need help just give him a call at (570) 524-9306.  “Highlea Kennels” is conveniently located in Winfield PA. 17889.         Give Fred a call.

All dogs - like people need exercise. Help your dog stay healthy by providing your dog with good dog food and plenty of exercise. 

“Register me early to assure me a space.” 

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